Megaminx Page Added

The Megaminx looks very complex with its 12 faces and colors, yet is very simple. Like the Rubik’s Cube the centers are there as reference points, but they do not have to be oriented like they do on some of the shape modified puzzles like the Rhombic Dodecahedron, or like they do on picture cubes. The Megaminx is also simple like the Rubik’s Cube in-that it does not change shape as do the Octagonal Prism, the Fisher’s Cube, and the Master Pyramorphinx.

I like the QJ brand tiled Megaminx. If I ever get another Megaminx, it will probably be a Holey Megaminx.


Rhombic Dodecahedron Page Added

This page is in the Specialty 3×3×3 Cube-like Puzzles section. Rhombic refers to the shape of each face. Dodecahedron means it is a 12-sided puzzle. This puzzle looks way more complex than a cube, but it is really very similar.

Pyramorphinx Page Added

This puzzle from Mefferts doesn’t turn very smoothly, but when I can deal with that, I enjoy playing with it. It is a triangular pyramid—tetrahedron—that can morph into several other shapes. It is also fun to put patterns on it.

I’ve included photos and a video on the Pyramorphinx page.

Why I’m Doing What I’m Doing

One reason I am making all these pages about strategies for solving different puzzles is so I don’t have to figure things out more than once. Example: I picked up the Pyramorphinx today and solved it. Well, I almost solved it. One corner needs to twist. Now I know a way I could use to accomplish this. I twist the corner one way and a center another way just like I twist two corners of a cube. Twisting the center doesn’t have any visible affect, so it seems we are just twisting one corner. But something tells me there is an easier way. A way that uses The Move in some way. Some vague memory. But I can’t remember, and I can’t find any documentation of the happy discovery that is now a vague memory. It’s driving me nuts.