2×2×2 Cube Page Added

And I moved the Pyramorphinx page under it because the Pyramorphinx is a shape modification of the 2×2×2 Cube.


Pyramorphinx Page Added

This puzzle from Mefferts doesn’t turn very smoothly, but when I can deal with that, I enjoy playing with it. It is a triangular pyramid—tetrahedron—that can morph into several other shapes. It is also fun to put patterns on it.

I’ve included photos and a video on the Pyramorphinx page.

Why I’m Doing What I’m Doing

One reason I am making all these pages about strategies for solving different puzzles is so I don’t have to figure things out more than once. Example: I picked up the Pyramorphinx today and solved it. Well, I almost solved it. One corner needs to twist. Now I know a way I could use to accomplish this. I twist the corner one way and a center another way just like I twist two corners of a cube. Twisting the center doesn’t have any visible affect, so it seems we are just twisting one corner. But something tells me there is an easier way. A way that uses The Move in some way. Some vague memory. But I can’t remember, and I can’t find any documentation of the happy discovery that is now a vague memory. It’s driving me nuts.