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Major Edits

Today I changed the template, but more importantly removed some pages. Therefore some of the internal links will no longer work, and some of the posts talk about pages that aren’t there any more.

Long Time

It’s been awhile. Some time ago I abandoned this blog to try out a Google Site site. I’m thinking about coming back. The new header photo I just added was taken on a visit to the Thermalito Forebay at Lake Oroville. We watched a hawk dive into the water several times. I praise God for His wonderful creation, and for sharing it with us that day.

Octahedral 3×3×3 Page Added

Although there hasn’t been an entry in awhile, I’ve still been puzzling. I just haven’t been blogging about it. Some day I will get around to typing up the notes I’ve taken in figuring out the Crazy 2×3×3, and the Helicopter Cube. The Octahedral 3×3×3 page was simple enough—I just modified the Rhombic Dodecahedron page somewhat.

Megaminx Page Added

The Megaminx looks very complex with its 12 faces and colors, yet is very simple. Like the Rubik’s Cube the centers are there as reference points, but they do not have to be oriented like they do on some of the shape modified puzzles like the Rhombic Dodecahedron, or like they do on picture cubes. The Megaminx is also simple like the Rubik’s Cube in-that it does not change shape as do the Octagonal Prism, the Fisher’s Cube, and the Master Pyramorphinx.

I like the QJ brand tiled Megaminx. If I ever get another Megaminx, it will probably be a Holey Megaminx.