So Clever, Yet So Confused

Clever has recently come out with a new stock of old puzzles, one of which is the Skewb Ultimate, which I do not have. There are several skewb-like puzzles out there. I have a Skewb and a Jing’s Pyraminx. With the Skewb there are 6 square pieces of a single color each. That means orientation doesn’t matter. On the Jing’s Pyraminx there are 4 triangular pieces of a single color each. Again orientation doesn’t matter. But with the Skewb Ultimate some pieces have 3 colors and some have 4, so orientation matters for every piece. That makes the Skewb Ultimate the most challenging of the Skewb family. A couple days ago I was participating in a forum post about the Jing’s Pyraminx, and an idea surfaced. If I would strategically add stickers to some of the pieces of my Jing’s Pyraminx, I could make it so orientation matters on every piece. That way I can have the challenge of the Ultimate without having to buy it. 😀


So why the confusion? In looking for a way to twist the centers of the Jing’s Pyraminx without scrambling edges I dug out the notes I had made while experimenting with the Skewb. I found a sequence that I think will work. But when executing it, I noticed that part of it involves doing The Move. I hadn’t recognized it as such before, because of the way I hold the puzzle and twist it. It just doesn’t seem very The Move-like.

Then comes the issue of notation. In one puzzle I call The Move R↑ L↑ R↓ L↓, and in another I call it R↓ L↓ R↑ L↑. And in my notes I use numbers that stand for the corners instead of R and L and have a confusing little arc to indicate clockwiseness.


Got it. Worked through the notation and came up with a solution. It looks complicated, but after doing it a few times it seems to flow rather smoothly. I’ve edited my Jing’s Pyraminx page.


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