2×3×3 Rectangular Prism Page Added

The 2×3×3 is interesting because if you hold it so white or yellow is up then the sides can not turn 90˚ like they can with a normal Rubik’s Cube. Only 180˚ turns work.

If you know how to solve the cube corners first, then it is easy to use that method to solve the corners of the 2×3×3, but the edges are probably easier to 3-cycle home than trying to apply the Corners First edge strategy.

There is also a simple corner 3-cycle, so if you want to solve the edges first, then cycle the corners home, that works too. Or if you want to use a block building strategy, that can work. Sometimes with these two strategies, though, you end up with 2 swapped corners. It isn’t as easy to swap two corners as it is two edges, but it can be done using a simple algorithm and 3-cycles.


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