Skewb Page Added

Today was Skewb day!

Originally I experimented with the Skewb, writing down different sequences and what they accomplished. Then came the task of deciding which ones to use to solve it. I like simple. By that I mean few things to have to remember. So when it comes to getting the centers after all the corners are solved, I know there are other ways to go about it that may be quicker, or require fewer moves, but by using one familiar easy to remember 3-cycle, there is a better chance I will not forget it. So sometimes when solving the centers I only need to do the 3-cycle one time because it happens that 3 of the centers are already solved. But more often I need to do it multiple times, getting one or two centers at a time until there are three left that can be placed with one final 3-cycle.

Say after getting the corners, one center happens to be solved. Do a 3-cycle that solves the opposite center. Perhaps one other will be solved at the same time, in which case the other three can be done with one more 3-cycle. Otherwise, it will require two more times through the 3-cycle sequence.


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