Nativity Cube

Yesterday I added another page to the site. Nativity Cube. It is actually a page that contains three videos which cover one solve. I slowly solve the Nativity Cube, one of those twisty puzzles with pictures on the sides instead of colors, explaining as I go. I use a layer-by-layer method and the last layer is broken down into five steps.

I do not usually solve a 3x3x3 using this technique for the middle layer. I frequently use either a working corner method, or insert corner-edge pairs so the middle layer is done at the same time as the bottom corners. Both of these methods are explained in my Understanding page.

I used iMovie to do the videos. If I ever do videos of cube solves again I need to remember to: 1. Break the solve into small segments if I want more text on the videos. 2. Upload to YouTube in 10 minute or less segments.


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