Getting Acquainted with WordPress—Link Widget

So I like how the links in the sidebar shows previews! And I think that if you click the link it opens in a new tab, but if you click the preview window it opens in this window. It is a little bit of a pain setting up the links though. They have to be set up as Text widgets instead of Link widgets to get them to list in the order I prefer. Link widgets (blogroll, which seems to me a stupid term but oh well) always default to an alphabetical listing no matter how you enter or arrange them. I suppose I could always preface links with numbers. Maybe I’ll try that next time.

I reworked the Spread The Word section in the sidebar to make it a link list instead of a text box. I added numbers to order them. Sort of a pain. Blogger’s method of putting links in order seemed bad (putting each link where you want it in the list with arrows), but it is better than either of the methods I’ve learned so far in WordPress. Perhaps the best thing would be if I didn’t care and let it do alphabetical. Then it would be easy. Go for it. (1/10/10)


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