2×2×2 Cube

I have three 2×2×2 Cubes. The Rubik’s Ice Cube is small and somewhat transparent. But it is difficult to twist, so beyond looking kind of cool I don’t really like it. The Rubik’s Junior is also small, but twists easily enough to have fun with. The distinctive thing about the Rubik’s Junior is the color scheme. It has one green side, one side with a monkey face on it, and the other four are the same color. The first 2×2×2 cube I bought was an Eastsheen brand. I think it was my first purchase from an Asian company too. It came with a non-standard color on one side, but somewhere down the line I bought a standard color set from Cubesmith for it. Cubesmith is an online sticker shop. If I ever buy another 2×2×2 it will be a new kind that is supposedly easier to twist and turn. But because I don’t plan to wear out my current cubes any time soon, and I don’t plan to enter any speedcubing competitions in which I need the best speedcube money can buy, it probably won’t be happening any time soon.

A 3×3×3 has 8 corners and 12 edges and 6 centers. Imagine the centers and edges all disappearing, and the 8 corners coming together. That is the 2×2×2 cube. It stands to reason, then, that if you know how to solve a 3×3×3, then by skipping the parts about the edges and only solving the corners, you can solve a 2×2×2. One of the ways I like to solve a 3×3×3 is Corners First. Using this method with the 2×2×2 works well.


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